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Wayku GrandCru 1KG

This specialty coffee is a fine selection of single-origin 100% Arabica high mountain beans, sustainably grown and hand-picked by small-scale coffee farmers in Peru. With a cup rating of 84 points from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), these beans have been carefully hand-roasted to a medium roast to enhance their sensory profile. Origin: San Martín, Peru. Score: 84/100 (SCA) Roast type: Medium Process: Washing

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Wayku Classico 500G

This coffee has an intense and complex flavor profile, with notes of dark chocolate, roasted cocoa and a hint of smokiness. The flavor is strong and full-bodied, with a very low acidity that is balanced by deep flavors and a full body, making it ideal for fans of intense and strong flavored coffee. The dark roast used for this single-origin coffee from San Martin is excellent as it accentuates the strong, smoky flavors of the coffee without burning the beans. Finally, it leaves us with a long and persistent aftertaste, with notes of bitter chocolate and a smoky touch. Packaging: Trilaminated bag with valve 500G Origin: Saint Martin Score: 82/100 (SCA) Roast type: Medium Dark Process: Washing

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